Bamboo Structure

Designing and constructing bamboo houses or building bamboo structure is the trend in architecture such as wooden villas, homestays, restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, etc. Creating a special highlight for the works and unique imprints of traditional Bamboo architecture. Where construction bamboo quality? How is the design price? Warranty, support like? What to pay attention to when decorating the house with bamboo – For all the solutions you can find at Bamboo Supply.s

The design and construction of bamboo houses to bring outstanding architecture, especially in the context of increasing competition in business such as restaurants, cafes, home stays, resorts.

Attaching a tiki umbrellas thatch covers to a pool or backyard house creates the illusion of tropical oasis space and beautifies the pool environment.

What is the design and construction of bamboo houses?

Bamboo Structures are designed mainly from bamboo material with frames, columns, walls, trusses from bamboo, thatched roofs or corrugated iron. Besides, bamboo interior products are also used in the design of bamboo houses such as bamboo tables and chairs, bamboo blinds, bamboo ceiling panels, bamboo cabinets, etc.

Why should design construction bamboo houses

  • One of the unique architectural styles rich in national traditions
  • The work bears accent, style toxic – Tropical
  • Is a new trend in housing architecture design
  • Brings a cool, friendly feeling
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Construction design cost is quite reasonable.

The design and construction of bamboo houses to bring outstanding architecture, especially in the context of increasing competition in business such as restaurants, cafes, home stays, resorts, resorts, etc. then the uniqueness in architecture also brings the highlight in.

Characteristics of bamboo buildings

First, our bamboo poles are harvested and well treated from mature bamboo trees at 4-6-year in Southeastern Asia tropical jungles. The bamboo poles are maximum thick walls and strong structure density, large bamboo poles diameters from 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5 ” to 6″ with lengths up to 12′. Next is the unique design from the architects in shaping, creating durable – beautiful architectural blocks Construction team has many years of experience in bamboo interior construction Creativity in design, the ability to customize in materials and unique value in the building Simplify from building, unique for architecture, stand out from the surrounding of works.

The uniqueness of bamboo works is the choice for decorating the shop with bamboo such as ceiling tiles, bamboo tables and chairs, decorative bamboo before, in the shop more unique and attractive.

What are includes in Bamboo Structures

Bamboo Structures houses include: frame set, roof, interior and exterior of the house. Depending on actual needs and architecture, use in whole or in part. Design of whole bamboo house is to use the entire architecture from interior to exterior; it is possible that the bamboo fence is always to synchronize the whole building with materials from bamboo, thatched roof. Partial design of a bamboo house is to use bamboo materials for the cladding or furniture, tables and chairs, etc. for the construction.

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