Bamboo wall covering is a sustainable and beauty alternative to transform business and your home. The Bamboo wall covering as called Bamboo matting, they are manufactured from sustainable bamboo strips and hand woven by pressed together to make paneling into zigzag patterns. Bamboo Matting are woven by 5/8″ bamboo strips, the only real superior quality bamboo materials are selected for manufacturing to make bamboo woven panels, bamboo matting which are treated and dried into keep your last moisture content of 6%, all these bamboo wall covering can subsequently be easily trimmed or trimmed with no risk of unraveling.

Bamboo Narrow Weave Herringbone is excellent, amazing, and renewable alternative enhances your home, tropical hotels.

Our bamboo matting is created by handicraft selection and does not contain harmful glues, or formaldehyde, pesticides.

The natural bamboo paneling contribute to its unique pattern and textured appearance.

Our Bamboo panels are great for walls facing, ceilings or bar counter tops and also work very well in many applications for both interior and exterior projects.

Bamboo Wall Covering Basket had made by bamboo 5/8″ strips  which are treated and dried to achieved a final moisture

Bamboo Wall Covering Diamond made by bamboo  1/2″ strips  which are treated and dried to achieved a final moisture

Bamboo Matting is easy to cut into various shapes without the edges threat of unraveling. 

Bamboo Wall Herringbone Carbonized  can be used for cabinets, tiki bar, counter tops, and support beams.

The Bamboo wall covering as known as Bamboo matting, they are made from sustainable bamboo strips and hand woven into zigzag patterns 

Bamboo Woven Panel are ideal for Ceiling, wall, kitchen cabinet and door. We offers a variety of high-end panel to complete your decorative solutions indoors and outdoors.

Bamboo Wall Covering is a beauty and sustainable alternative to transform your home and business into tropical paradise.

Transform your products and house into peaceful sanctuaries of light, movement, sound and space, touching our spirits and stirring our souls.

Why Select Bamboo Wall Covering?

There are lots of factors to think about using bamboo wall covering into your home or organization. Bamboo wall panels are an excellent option to more conventional wall treatments incorporate a touch of tropical style for both interior and exterior projects.

Bamboo Wall Trendy

When it comes to the ways in which people can utilize for the wall covering throughout their home? Whether you wish to find wood panels add an art painting to an area, there is bamboo wall paneling is a great choice for you.

Bamboo Wall Ecologically Friendly

Bamboo Wall Covering is really a beautiful method to bring tropical charm and natural elements to your home or business without overspending. Bamboo Walls can be quite a smart, environment-friendly in addition to cost exceptionally affordable that will undoubtedly bring charm and tranquility into a living space. Our 4 x 8 conventional bamboo wall is big adequate to be paid down and additionally resized making to get a cost effective option for long-lasting use. We provide the affordable prices guaranteed on bamboo matting roll bamboo and tropical wall covering. If you want to generate a beach or tropical themed ambiance on your space, bamboo wall covering is a amazing choice for you.

The Many Applications of Versatile Bamboo Paneling

Bamboo matting tips for wall ceiling and covering. We’ve got multiple selections for your projects with high quality and varieties size of bamboo wall coverings which range from 2′,3′, to 4′ wide and as much as 60 feet length . The woven strips are 1/2 inches wide and can very quickly be trimmed to fit virtually any details space. You will find 40 style options: Natural, Carbonized, Green, Natural Narrow Basket, Natural Herring bone, carbonized herringbone, Natural Cross weave, Diamond Carbonized, Natural Zig Zag and a lot longer. With several shade and design options, bamboo matting fits perfectly with all sorts of design topics. Quickly develop a Tropical influenced ambiance by using bamboo matting to any kind of wall, ceiling, pub kitchen or front cabinet and also we have been sure the transformation will soon be excellent.

Applications in addition to Utilizes of Bamboo walls Panel

Bamboo wall panels can likewise be stained using a transparent finish varnish or polyurethane for extended long life. Its uniform light beige cozy color tones are all elegant which gives subtle organic textures to walls and ceilings. This conventional bamboo wall paneling is lightweight, flexible, eco -friendly and accomplished through intensively concentrated labor manually, it could be trimmed or cut minus the threat of unraveling. Bamboo wall paneling can be used for various purposes or create a Tropical style to you space, or even for business applications such as: work shop, pubs , restaurants and theme parks. Bamboo wall covering may be easily related to most surfaces, including cabinets, countertops, floors, and support beams, the applications are so countless, however for most of a wonderful usage yet, that was using pine paneling to cover both ceiling and walls. You can do virtually anything for this bamboo paneling, which is extremely inexpensive. The best in Do It Yourself.

How to install Bamboo Walls Covering

  1. Installed Bamboo Wall Matting by gluing over existing surfaces (Drywall, wood, cement block vinyl walls.)

Apply Liquid Nail construction adhesive over exiting areas, set the adhesive for 15 to 20 minutes   (don’t apply Liquid Nail on Bamboo Matting) where your matting setting on and then press firmly matting with even pressure to the entire surface.

Check glue surfaces in between Bamboo matting and exiting areas to make sure the matting panel stays in full contact with the wall surface while drying. The bamboo matting panel should be hold up immediately by adhesive, waiting 12 hours for Liquid Nail adhesive completely dry out to finish your projects.

In between joining side of two bamboo panels, you may have small gaps, it’s will be overlapping matting panel a couple of inches will help or using 1.5” – 2” Diameter Half rounds molding to cover the gaps.

  1. Installed Bamboo Matting by Staple over existing wood areas surfaces.

To install bamboo wall paneling by Staple is much more easy than using glues. There is no adhesive required.

All you need is Staple gun 9/16”. After cut off the bamboo matting panels then start staples in the corner first and keep going staple in the edges both side left, right also in the middle of bamboo matting panels in between 12” nails staple.

In between joining side of two bamboo panels, you may have small gaps, it’s will be overlapping matting panel a couple of inches will help or using 1.5” – 2” Diameter Half rounds molding to cover the gaps.

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