Bungalow House

In conventional Home ancient 20th century, bungalow  houses are a tropical design of this favorite Craftsman style. The construction on your lot has become easily the most cost-effective alternative for creating not only for your perfect living space, it’s for Tropical paradise.

The Bungalow wooden house has a 60 width Foot diameter and 45 feet depth. It come together with 32 log wood column.

The wooden house in this set stay true to such ideals, offering variations of the Craftsman style home out of simple two-story home to elaborate two-story estate floor plans.

We are carried variety of Bungalow wooden houses on average 2000 – 3000 square foot or sometime 5000 living square foot. Our modern craftsman are working on plans provide advantage in choice base to the basic feature  price so that you know instantly which layouts best fit your financial plan.

The different wooden bungalows were constructed in native style and place in lush garden. The space, with its own split pine paneling, thatches, bamboo poles tied together with bark Palm logs, also gave vibrations off, which can simply describe as like people who feels at Tropical jungle woods, as though natural substances not lost their capability to conduct life.

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