Coconut Palm Huts

The bamboo tiki hut retains much of bamboo structure keeping Its traditional elements, with the instances of bamboo walls against the palm leafs roof bamboo pole beam and bamboo windows. Bamboo Tiki huts ship as a kit that includes bamboo accessories. bamboo Tiki huts are easy to assemble over the thatch roof. The bamboo tiki huts have been treated to protect against any type of weather conditions.

Solid Coconut Palm Hut are guaranteed to last decades. We use solid Coconut Log timber 10 inches diameter to make the Post pole. 

This custom Coconut Palm Hut kit is built and designed with durability, and sustainability in the best of Tropical Tiki Hut. It is made from Coconut timber wood, and solid bamboo pole Structure.

We can customize your Coconut Hut to fit whatever outdoor exiting area you have and able to turn your backyard or business into a tropical paradise

Bamboo Huts

The Bamboo Palm Hut round shade 4 poles kit has a 20 Foot round shade diameter. It is the perfect way to bring the Tropical outdoor living space to your backyard or business.

Bamboo Collapsible Umbrella Palapa 10 feet diameter has a bamboo solid poles ribs and two pulley system – It’s constructed from first grade Viet nam Bamboo Poles Tre Gai Sanded. 

Our craftsman are building Tiki bar in business over 20 years and their job can be observed at many regional restaurants and bar hotel.

Our Tiki Huts and Tea house are custom assembled on the site by the sophisticated and professional tiki hut contractors at the South California. We’re devoted to giving our clients the most caliber of workmanship, in a shortly time , together with competitive price.

Thinking about an extra large size of bamboo tiki hut? We will offer custom build with any details of your plan or You can work with our project managers to figure out what size would best suit to match your needs. We offer large structures of tiki hut enclose walls , It’s ranging from four wall to eight wall or more.

Palm Hut Custom

Whichever model of Palm huts you choose, your outdoor Palm Hut kit will make the perfect addition for large parties, outdoor meeting space. We offer both outdoor and indoor Palm Hut in a number of sizes, prices and styles. You can add the top palm hut from 12 foot up to 20 foot round shade. Add style, function, and sustainability to an outdoor space with our beautiful bamboo Palm Hut kits. Each kit is built from the excellent California handcraft man – Handcrafted and customized just for you!

Are you looking to have a Palm Hut built for your home or business?

Our Quality Palm huts are excellent way to provide the perfect tropical vacation atmosphere. We are carried varieties different sizes or shapes of the palm hut. It’s  ranging from 3 post pole to 6 post pole and up to 20 feet diameter of round shape roof. Come to Bamboo Supply and bring paradise palm hut to your back yard. No matter where your location is, we will get you the shade you need. All palm hut structures shapes and sizes are available.

Palm hut structures are created an air of tropical in any setting.

From a formal living space into the backyard resort, these bamboo palm hut can be used in a variety of tropical setting up and ambiance design. Palm hut extend your living area to include the charm of outdoor, extending your home or business for gracious entertaining for everyone gathers.

Highest Quality Materials Used and Excellent Variety of Styles

Come to Bamboo Supply to connect you space with our thatch umbrellas palapa to reflect what you feel comfortable with. Attaching a tiki umbrellas thatch covers to a pool or backyard house creates the illusion of tropical oasis space and beautifies the pool environment. The sitting under thatch roofing of umbrella, feeling the fresh air the gentle breeze as you drinking under this well  placed bamboo umbrella attached to this gorgeous pool house, spa. It was delightful and perfect!

Thatch And Palm Hut

Palm thatch has been associated with tropical setting and south seas like Tiki huts white a certain bamboo style still evokes this laidback, relaxed vacation mode replace with a bamboo Umbrella garnish in the Mai Tai, there are talented, skillful designers and craft people who are creating pieces from laminated bamboo that’s been and shaped. Definitely modern, the chairs and table fit comfortably into contemporary settings. Palm thatched roofs are easily able to sustain the strongest winds even in hurricanes.

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