Bamboo Woven Panel

Bamboo Woven Panel are ideal for cabinetry, wall, kitchen cabinet and door. Our bamboo supplies various high-end panel to finish your cosmetic solutions inside and outdoors. Valued for its artistic beauty, our collections help enhance and alter your merchandise and house to peaceful sanctuaries of lighting, movement, space and sound, touching our souls along with stirring our souls.

Bamboo Woven panels are great for walls facing, ceilings or bar counter tops and also work very well in many applications for both interior and exterior projects.

Bamboo Board Wide Weave Skin Basket Natural 4ft x 8ft x 3 mm – Affordable Bamboo Skin Woven Panels export direct – The Bamboo Board

Bamboo Wall Skin Heavy Herringbone are made by outer of bamboo pole. After the  bamboo poles are harvested and well treated

The Bamboo Board woven are hands made by bamboo skin pieces of bamboo pole which are dried and treated to maintain that your last moisture content of 6%. 

Bamboo Woven veneer and panel are great for any interior use where wood could traditionally be used, including countertops, lobby areas, wall or ceiling treatments, Restaurant and much more. The distinction is from the beauty and thickness the finished product will probably have when compared with more traditional substances. Bamboo Woven wide weave are made from 2″ strips of bamboo poles which are treated and dried to keep your final moisture content of 6% subsequently pumped them with each other to form paneling. Bamboo panels Is Available in classic colors with either a flat or vertical bamboo strips Pattern that produces a beautiful handicraft panels.
Traditional Asia Woven Bamboo Panel made with outer skin of Bamboo. Woven bamboo panel are ideal for exterior wall and kitchen cabinets, door, and feature panels.
Available as a laminated panel upto 4′ x 8′, thick: 1/16 inches – up to 1/4 inches.

Bamboo Woven Panel used For many applications

Available as a laminated panel upto 4′ x 8′, thick: 1/16 inches – up to 1/4 inches

Use as Wall o- Up to 4 feet wide by 8 feet long

– Thickness 1/16 inches – up to 1/4 inchesr Ceiling linings

 – Use as Kitchen Cabinets, doors & cupboard fronts

 – Use as Furniture and feature panels

 – Use as a Ceiling or Wall treatments, Cabinet Facing, Bars…

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