Bamboo Weave Core Panel

Bamboo weave core panel is established of completely fast renewable bamboo, using adhesives that are both strong and durable. Bamboo panel incorporates multiple layers of bamboo, in which the middle layer might be horizontal or vertical grain. The front layer and back layer are stitched bamboo, core is solid bamboo poles in vertical. This arrangement is more stable than solid strand woven bamboo plank, and less heavier, therefore it is easier for next process, such as cutting, grinding, sanding and finished.

Bamboo woven core is made of multiple layers of bamboo strips laying in parallel order. The strips are all kiln dried, which are treated and dried to achieved a final moisture content of  6%. Then, compressed by E1-level glued together to form paneling. These bamboo strip layers can then merged to each other to produce a weave core panel 4’ x 8’ with a low resin and finishes exceptionally well. The multi layers are cross-laminated and heat driven together to offer stability and high end finished. Bamboo weave core is available in 4’X 8′ sheets that are incomplete. Bamboo weave core panel is cost effective and ecologically responsible alternative to cutting of our world’s forests.

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