Why Choose Bamboo Poles?

Bamboo poles are lasting, renewable substances in the World of green building products. Our bamboo poles well treated from bamboo trees in tropical jungles that were 4-6-year in Southeastern Asia and are harvested. The bamboo sticks are maximum thick walls and strong structure density, large bamboo poles diameters from 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″ to 6″ with lengths up to 20′.

Bamboo poles Tre Gai sanding off outer skin and then sprays on protective anti -UV coating. The  resulting product is resistant to rot, weathering and discoloration.

Moso Bamboo Poles has composition of the fibers level density in reduced. Result to natural bamboo is thin and soft wall pine compared to Tre Gai bamboo poles, extreme flexibility.

Bamboo poles Tre- Gai is considered to be the World strongest bamboo with a tensile strength greater then steel, which makes it an excellent species for construction.

Tam Vong Bamboo pole is solid, durable and strength greater than other kind of bamboo poles. The Bamboo  Tam Vong extremely  hard and solid.

Black Bamboo pole is commonly darker color than other type of all natural bamboo poles. These dark bamboo poles can be used for a variety of applications.

Bamboo construction pole is widely used for many forms of construction as well as cost-effective alternative that will certainly bring charm and also tranquility to your living space.

Unfinished bamboo poles has sanded by solid bamboo pole “Tre Gai “. Once the bamboo pole is heat treated and dried.

Bamboo poles Half round natural sanded  are special for building materials or furniture, trim moldings, Tiki bars, balcony rails and much more.

Bamboo Pole For Eco Friendly

Bamboo poles can satisfy the criteria for green construction materials offering. Bamboo is listed one in top of one hundred products that were sustainable. There is more popular aesthetically”green house” trend using bamboo with ecological advantages and reasonably priced budget, sustainable option. As a consequence of its high ability research studies have shown that bamboo poles may be made use of as support for concrete, and also these will diminish the pollution waste of metal factories . Nonetheless, with these advantages that are environmental bamboo has use for construction material.

Bamboo Pole Versatile Naturally

Bamboo pole is just one of nature’s miracle plants. It is ratio of power to weight is better than fiberglass and it’s the fastest growing plant in the world. In the past hundred decades, Designer of furnitures, who have been using Bamboo Poles are becoming popular a readily sustainable material for building homes and crafting accessories.

Bamboo Poles strength Tensile.

Bamboo pole can withstand more tension than compression. Bamboo pole’s components run axial. From the outer zone are highly elastic. Within the silicate outer skin, axial parallel fibers with a strength up to 400 N/mm2.  As a contrast, a tension can be resisted by extremely strong wood fibers up to 50 N /mm2.

Bamboo Tre Gai

Bamboo Tre Gai are nicely developed in 700m high above sea level from coastal to midland and mountains. You may find in Asian tropical jungles, specialize in Southeastern Asian countries as Vietnam. This is the species of mild and bamboo moisture . Besides, the rich mineral property (good soil, deep soil, humus), the high humidity and tropical climate result in the wholesome growth of bamboo, we can select the best quality bamboo here, the big diameter can be reach highest 16cms~ 7inch with thick walls and 30m tall. It is approved: “the most powerful solid bamboo in the world”.

Bamboo Pole Black

Natural Black Bamboo rod is commonly darker color than other type of all natural Bamboo poles. These bamboo sticks can be used for a variety of applications. Thick walled and widely used in exterior or interior with shades which range from dark brown color to black tones.

Bamboo Pole Natural

Bamboo pole Natural Moso is popular for many kinds of construction, specifically for restaurant, tiki bars, fencing more efficiently used structurally. Bamboo pole Moso is a versatile and renewable source, characterized by high strength and low weight, and is worked with simple tools. Our bamboo sticks Natural Moso include 1″, 1.25″, two”, 3″, 4″, 5″ diameters as well as 12′ length.

Bamboo Pole Solid Tam Vong

Bamboo pole Solid Tam Vong is a multipurpose plant, the most significant value is timber pole. Bamboo pole Tam Vong used in construction, manufacturing projectors and handicraft goods. In addition, Tam Vong bamboo pole are use as building materials such as other species and Woods timber. Tam Vong bamboo pole is durability, particularly the capability to readily flexed the pole and can be use for many applications such as: Creating tables, chairs, shelves, cupboards and House facility.

Bamboo Pole White Washed

Bamboo Pole White Washed Ideas for Decorative Home and Business projects, it is allows the client to complete and blot the pole to their precise specifications. Bamboo White washed poles that were sanded off skins and ready heat dried to final treated.  Our bamboo poles Natural Tre Gai sanded can be found in 3″ , 4″ , diameters as well as 10′ length.

Bamboo Pole Marine - Construction Pole

Bamboo Marine Pole Is a green natural looking color to blend in with indoor and outdoor projects. This bamboo poles can be used in a variety of building applications. Pressure treating is a processing that helps bamboo timber wards off microorganisms, insects and fungal decay and withstands the elements. Bamboo Marine poles are available in stock for 12 feet spans and 3″, 4″ diameter.

Bamboo Pole used for Applications

  • Business Endeavors and Cosmetic Residence Spas.
  • Projects: Palapa Huts, Tiki huts, Canopies, Bamboo Huts, Bamboo Houses, Bamboo lamp color
  • Tea House, fences, Tiki bars pergolas
  • Koi fish, tropical hotels island, business area, zoo, resorts, and themed playground.
  • Fences applications.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of bamboo, the size, shape, and color of bamboo poles may vary.
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