Eucalyptus Poles

Eucalyptus is an easy-to-grow, It can be harvested after 5-7 years of planting. There has been much evidence to show that the bearing capacity of eucalyptus rustic pole timbers are highly desirable for use in commercial applications such as Zoos, theme park, water park and home. Obviously, the solid rustic timbers are perennials, when used as a fences, roofs, tiki bar columns pole and of cause, eucalyptus timber makes a beautiful structure for Zoos house, blending in with the natural rustic.

We are carried varieties diameters of eucalyptus poles ranging from 2 inch to 10 inches diameter and up to 20 feet lengths.  

River Delta poles are available size from 2″-3.5″ Diameter up to 8′ length. It can be used for Zoo fencing, Bar, Pool and  many shade structure.

Come to visit Bamboo Supply, We are carried varieties diameters of eucalyptus poles ranging from 2 inch to 10 inches diameter and up to 20 feet lengths.  We will provide the huge Eucalyptus poles shipped directly from Our Factory to your location with the high treatment provide Our Eucalyptus poles and timber products significant protection against rot, fungal decay and insect attack.

Eucalyptus Rustic Timber For Environmentally and Friendly

Eucalyptus Timber can meet the criteria for green building materials offering. Eucalyptus is listed one in top of ten and top of one hundred sustainable products. Eucalyptus is your prior choice selection for living applications. There is more popular aesthetically “green home” trend using Eucalyptus with ecological benefits and affordable budget, sustainable choice.

Eucalyptus Affordable and High Quality

Eucalyptus timber is primary in all of Bamboo Supply Products. We provide the best of Timber rustics products. Our success is directly related to our high quality of Eucalyptus timber. Only carefully hand- selected premium grade Eucalyptus timber, the finest quality controlled treatment. Bamboo Supply’s professional consultants will work with you at no cost to assist in planning of your business. We want to turn your business or your home into a tropical oasis with our beautifully of Eucalyptus Rustic Timber.

Eucalyptus Rustic Timber is Tensile strength

  Eucalyptus poles can last 15 years or more. For many reasons Eucalyptus has experienced a major increase as a strong durable material. It is naturally termite resistant and is an affordable way to increase a tranquil escape on Zoos, Water Park, Them Park. Today this attractive material is a popular way to make your places into private and secluded. In order to install the Eucalyptus Rustic Timber on your place environments feel free to contact us Bamboo Supply 714-846-2159 to get more details about how to install Eucalyptus poles.

Eucalyptus Are Style Options and Affordable

Come to Bamboo Supply, you can have many multiple selections for your projects with high quality Eucalyptus Rustic Timber and durable material. We offer 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” & 10” diameter in both of Eucalyptus sanded or Natural no sanded.  

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