Bamboo Tiki Bar

The Palm hut bars at Bamboo Supply are made from excellent Craftsman. We provided high-end bamboo products with every tiniest sections of tiki bars must adhere to along with extremely quality controller that are built carefully in hands-on assortment and are chosen at least 5 decades following Dried treatment through system at ordinary time paying to attain all essential moisture contents under 6 percent of bamboo poles. Our bamboo tiki bar was treated to protect against rot, rust fungal and insert attack to achieve overall look.

Bamboo Tiki Bar U Shape custom made by our builders team, you will be able to turn your Home or business into a tropical paradise that can quickly become a favorite gathering place for friends, family, and guests.

The Two bar counter to put together to make L – Shape counter. One counter width is 28″W x 96″ length and other counter is width 28″W x 36″ length. Bar Counter, height is 44″ on both of these units.

Eco bamboo tiki bar kit include Tiki Bar and 2 Bamboo Chairs are made by 100% bamboo materials and natural finished. Bamboo Eco Tiki Bar Dimension: 8 ft. Height x 65 inches Width x 3.5 ft Depth.

Coconut Bar U Shape Kit has a 20 Foot diameter round shade Solid Palm Hut and14′ x 14′ Tiki U shape Bar come together with 18 sturdy Bamboo Chairs.

Our Tiki Huts and Tea house are custom assembled on the site by the sophisticated and professional tiki hut contractors at the South California

Whether you are interested in a custom-designed tiki bar that’ll cover large area outside or something more like a small backyard. We’re offering both luxury and relaxation

Our Bamboo Tiki Bar Huts are created from the finest high quality bamboo poles and Palm logs found in Vietnam tropical Jungle’s. We specialize in Tiki Bars custom for businesses or home throughout the entire state of US, from Zoos, Themed Park, Hotel Resorts to Bars Restaurants, each palm hut Bar challenge is therefore exceptional and masterpiece as you could not find everywhere else in America.

Are You Interested In A Custom Designed Tiki Bar For Your Business and Home?

We will work throughout the entire state of America. Your Tiki Bar Hut will be completed built in our place in California and ready ship to you after take it off by parts, put inside the plywood crates for freight. The Tiki Bar installing is follow by video and booklets instructions.

Palm Hut Bar Are Style Options

Our Tiki Bar Huts are created by highly skilled craftsmans, we build all different sizes and shapes of bamboo Tiki Bar, Palm hut bar, U shape bar,  L shape Bar and medium size Eco Tiki Bar. Let us help you to work with your existing place or Give your ideas to bring excellent choice when looking to add the feel and look of an island oasis.

How many days working to finish the Bar?

How long does It take to custom Tiki Bar order? Our Craftsman’s  team works will take about 3 weeks to build your Tiki Bar in our California warehouse, during the week working with Bar, we will be able to send you these photos report update for your bar and working together with you to make sure the Bar  look perfectly with your desire.

Outdoor Tiki Bars are able to sustain the strongest winds even in hurricanes

Our heavy-duty Tiki bars are built to stand up to all seasons. Palm thatched roofs are easily able to sustain the strongest winds, snows even in hurricanes.

Palm Hut Bar Maintenance

Maintenance on palm hut bar or thatched roofs is minimal. We usually apply a water based fire retardant. This is a seal the Tiki Bar frames to protect against rot, fungal, decay and insect attack to reach required appearance.

Fire Protection

Can achieve a A – Class with additional coatings.

Our Tiki Bar Huts benefits

  • Custom built in USA.
  • Easily to install and take them off by a part
  • All materials are of the highest-grade bamboo poles and solid palm
  • Our Tiki Bars required low maintenance
  • thatch roofs can withstand extreme conditions.
  • Fire Retardant certificate

Eco- Friendly Shade Solution

Let’s enhance your indoors and outdoors with hand- constructed Creasian’s Bamboo tiki bars and stool kits. All our bamboo tiki bars and barstools are made of naturally treated bamboo solid and Asian resistance water thatch roofs.

Bamboo Tiki Bars can be created by your own unique designs or you can find at Our Bamboo Supply –  We have several options for your to make a choice. Come to Bamboo Supply to reconnect with bamboo tiki bars and share in the excitement.

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