Delta River Poles

Our Delta River poles are natural solid poles of Mangrove timber. These color will vary slightly ranging from Beige, dark brown or mahogany. Because River Delta poles were made from the Mangroves trees grow in areas with low-oxygen soil, where slow-moving waters allow fine sediments to accumulate so It’s can performs excellent in coldest snow, dry and hot weather.

Appearance:  Delta River poles are available size from 2″-3.5″ Diameter up to 8′ length. It can be used for Zoo fencing, Bar, Pool and  many shade structure.

Products Available: size: 2″, 3″ Diameter up to 12′ length 

Fire Protection: Can achieve a A – Class with additional coatings.

Durability: Delta River Rustic pole is  a major increase as a strong durable material. It is naturally termite resistant and is an affordable way to increase a tranquil escape on Zoos, Water Park, Theme Park.

Size and Treatment: 2″, 3″ Diameter Up to 12′ length 

Fumigated: Contact your Bamboo Supply Commercial Rep for documentations as your request.

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