Thatch And Umbrella

Mexican palm thatch is a sustainable, commercial-grade product as you can find at Bamboo Supply. Bring a tropical of Thatch to your outdoor rooms capes. Transform your exterior living space into an relaxed vacation of your home by selecting by using sets complimented with a choice of exquisite inspiring Thatch from Bamboo Supply.

Durability: Palm thatch has been associated with tropical setting and south seas like Tiki huts white a certain bamboo style still evokes this laid back, relaxed vacation mode replace with a bamboo Umbrella.  Definitely modern, the chairs and table fit comfortably into contemporary settings. Palm thatched roofs are easily able to sustain the strongest winds even in hurricanes.

Products Available:   Mexican Thatch Cover Umbrella: 9′; 10′; 12′;14′

Mexican Thatch Runner: 36″ x 60′; 36″x 27′ ; 4′ x 4′ 

Fire Protection: Can achieve a A – Class with additional coatings Fife Retardant. 

Appearance: The sitting under thatch roofing of umbrella, feeling the fresh air the gentle breeze as you drinking under this well  placed bamboo umbrella attached to this gorgeous pool house, spa. It was delightful and perfect!

Fumigated: Contact your Bamboo Supply Commercial Rep for documentations as your request.

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