Coconut Palm Hut

This custom Coconut Palm Hut kit is built and designed with durability, and sustainability in the best of Tropical Tiki Hut. It is made from Coconut timber wood, and solid bamboo pole Structure to ensure it won’t bend or sag over time from the elements. We can customize your Coconut Hut to fit whatever outdoor exiting area you have and able to turn your backyard or business into a tropical paradise that can quickly become a favorite gathering place for your clients, friends, family, and guests.

Products Available: Palm Hut Custom make

Fire Protection: Can achieve a A – Class with additional coatings.

Durability: Our Solid Coconut Wood Palm Hut are guaranteed to last decades. We use solid Coconut Log timber 10 inches diameter to make the Post pole. All joints in between beams and Post Poles are notched so your Palm Hut will never sag, warp, twist, or shrink. Each timber is finished to a smooth and apply marine Sealer to protection against rot, fungal decay and insect attack.

Appearance: Coconut Palm Hut Round Shape

  • Dimension: 20′ X 20′ Palm Hut Round Shape Roofs
  • Weight: 920 Lbs. Includes Round Shape Thatch roofs
  • 4 Solid Palm Wood Poles 10″ diameter to hold up the Top thatch Roofing ( Asian thatch like permanent roofing – no water leaking  )
  • Solid Palm Hut had sealed with cetol Marine  to protect against rot, fungal decay and insect attack.
  • 32 Ribs design
  • Latches Corner locked join in between Beams & Post poles – none  hardware.
  • Solid Coconut Palm wood – Over 75 years
  • Marine Seal.

Size and Treatment: 12′ to 24′

Fumigated: Contact your Bamboo Supply Commercial Rep for documentations as your request.

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