Bamboo Palapa center pole

Bamboo Palapa Center Pole ship as a kit that includes bamboo accessories. bamboo Umbrella are easy to assemble over the thatch roof. The bamboo Palapa kits have been treated to protect against any type of weather conditions.

Durability: Bamboo Collapsible Umbrella Palapa 10 feet diameter has a bamboo solid poles ribs and two pulley system – It’s constructed from first grade Viet nam Bamboo Poles Tre Gai Sanded. The Bamboo poles Umbrella Palapa is stronger than Woods, strength and durability.

Products Available:   Custom make.

Fire Protection: Can achieve a A – Class with additional coatings.

Appearance: Two Pulley lift makes the Umbrella top easier to raise up and lower down.

  • Rope is made by braider nylon cord
  • 4″- 4.5″ Diameter bamboo poles sanded – 10′ high.
  • 2″ bamboo poles Umbrella Arms to support Asian Thatch cover.
  • Solid Wood Hub and Finial.
  • 8 Ribs design.
  • 7″ pin Holder
  • 10′ Diameter Asian Thatch Cover
  • Marina Sealer
  • Installing booklet Instruction.

Size and Treatment: 10′ to 12′

Fumigated: Contact your Bamboo Supply Commercial Rep for documentations as your request.

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