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Bamboo Tre Gai Sanded

Bamboo Poles Tre Gai Sanded and Finished is certified as construction grade material for your home or business project.  Bamboo Tre Gai Pole is thick wall, heavy weight and pressure treated against pests, beetle infestation. 

Appearance: Bamboo poles Tre Gai have been sanding outer skin of bamboo wall and applied with a light coat of polyurethane for a perfect look which are acceptable for home furniture or special hotels with tropical theme. All the constructors are embracing select this bamboo poles for their projects priority due to this item could be the quality poles on the market.

Products Available: The bamboo Tre Gai are maximum thick walls and strong structure density, available diameters from 2”, 3”, 4”, 5 “with lengths up to 10′.

Fire Protection: We provide D1- TOP Inflammation and Fire Retardant with certificated from Factory.

Durability: Bamboo Tre Gai has been used in construction building substances, the powdered, hardened secretion from bamboo is used internally to consider that bamboo pole Tre Gai is the 1st choice of green material for ecofriendly design of construction building strategies.

Size: 2″ ; 3″; 4″; 5″ Diameter up to 12′ Length 

Fumigated: Yes. Contact your Bamboo Supply Commercial Rep for documentations as your request.

Bamboo Fencing are eco-friendly environment products, sustainable, and naturally beautiful choice enhances your ambience of landscaping, tropical resorts, backyards. We offer you the selection of diverse form, rich color in a variety of bamboos that chosen standard of fences field in worldwide.

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