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Bamboo Poles Tam Vong

Bamboo poles Tam Vong are used in construction, fabricating projectors and handicraft goods. In addition, Tam vong bamboo are utilized as construction materials like Woods timber and alternative species. Tam vong  pole is durability, particularly the ability to easily flexed so that the pole can be used in a number of different areas such as: House facility, Zoo Fencing, closets and cabinets and Creating tables.

Appearance: Tam Vong Bamboo pole is solid, lasting and strength over other type of bamboo poles. The Tam Vong pole usually gets the magnitude 1.75″-2.5″ Diameter up to 10 feet span, thick wall. The Natural Tam Vong Bamboo finished, may be sanded, and ready for stain stain or sealer to fulfill your project needs.

Products Available:  available diameters from 1.5”, 2″with lengths up to 12′.

Fire Protection: We provide D1- TOP Inflammation and Fire Retardant with certificated from Factory.


Tam Vong Bamboo Poles are “Strong bamboo Iron” have found in south Vietnam tropical jungle – Where the land has rich mineral dirt in soil with the weather is hot, moist, and cold. Within this temperature of weather, the Bamboo Tam Vong it has makeup of those fibers density heavyweight, the pole have no core. It is very good for construction that can be takes nails, screws and bolts.

Size: 1.5″ ;2″ Diameter up to 1 2′ Length 

Fumigated:  Contact your Bamboo Supply Commercial Rep for documentations as your request.

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