Bamboo Pole Half Round

Bamboo Pole half round natural rustic are grow at phenomenal rate, all the while taking carbon dioxide out of our overheated atmosphere. Bamboo Poles natural rustic after have a treatment process for preventing any of destructive processes of mold and insects. It’s sanding down outer skin and then sprays on protective anti -UV coating. The  resulting product is resistant to rot, weathering and discoloration.


Bamboo Poles Half round can be used for  Outdoors and Indoors . Bamboo poles natural sanded  are special for building materials or furniture, trim moldings, Tiki bars, balcony rails and much more.

Available:  available diameters from 2”, 3”, 4”, 5 “with lengths up to 12′.

Fire Protection: We provide D1- TOP Inflammation and Fire Retardant with certificated from Factory.

Durability: Bamboo poles extensively in regions where there are rapidly developing economies, so it’s an alternative building material to wood and steel. It is widely recognized bamboo can remove atmospheric carbon and capture 17 metric tons of carbon per hectare per year.

Size: 2″ ; 3″; 4″; 5″ Diameter up to 12′ Length 

Fumigated:  Contact your Bamboo Supply Commercial Rep for documentations as your request.


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